Suwayqat AliTraditional Houses of al-JudaydaWaqf Ibshir PashaBayt Ghazala

Suwayqat Ali


STUNDE NULL 2019: Post Conflict Documentation of a Historic Neighbourhood – Suwayqat Ali Area


Traditional Houses of al-Judayda

Bayt Wakil, floor tiles

2020 stunde null project works on the archival material of Jean-Claude David to study the typological structure of traditional houses in al-Judayda quarter, defining the urban elements of a residential cluster, the typology of different sizes of traditional houses in the study area, the elements of a single house from special rooms, and the courtyard elevations and decorations. The study also collects the KNOW-HOW on building materials, construction techniques and tools, categorising damage patterns, and suggesting levels of intervention and the steps of a conservation plan.

Waqf Ibshir Pasha

Waqf of Ibshir Mustafa Pasha, siteplan of the building parts (English)