About Us

Welcome to the virtual platform of the Syrian Heritage Initiatives of the Museum for Islamic Art/ Berlin State Museum.  Here, you can explore, learn about and get in touch with Syria’s unique cultural landscape.

We are a network of different projects of the Museum for Islamic Art/ Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, focusing on various topics related to Syrian heritage. Together, our aim is to document, preserve and present the richness of Syrian heritage for everyone.

Our Mission:
Syria is a diverse country with the world´s oldest inhabited cities, very different landscapes and important archaeological sites. Together with its rich traditions, diverse cultures and orally-transmitted knowledge it forms a living mosaic of cultural traditions, customs, different languages, ethnicities and religions. This cultural richness is unique and deserves to be preserved for future generations. 

Our different initiatives have the following main focuses:


About Us

aims to present cultural expressions, orally-transmitted knowledge and personal memories from Syria, and present them on our shared interactive platform … Read more


About Us

aims to systematically archive photos, plans, maps and reports for the Purpose of documentation of Syrian cultural and natural treasures…. Read more


Aleppo, Ajiqbash House, courtyard and iwan damages in 2018

aims to provide a comprehensive approach to documenting the cultural heritage of the oldest living city in the world, this work is done by three teams: