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Aleppo Citadel | قلعة حلبal-Utrush Mosque | جامع الأطروشas-Sultaniyya Mosque | جامع السلطانيةal-Mawazini Mosque | جامع الموازينيal-ʿAdiliyya Mosque | جامع العادليةMadrasat al-Firdaws | مدرسة الفردوسal-Zawiya al-Hilaliyya | الزاوية الهلاليةKhan al-Jumruk | خان الجمركal-Bahramiyya Mosque | جامع البهرميةMadrasat al-Muqaddamiyya | المدرسة المقدميةTower north of Bab Antakiya | برج شمال باب أنطاكيةKhan as-Sabun | خان الصابونKhan al-Wazir | خان الوزيرSuwayqat Ali Area | منطقة سويقة عليal-Matbakh al-ʿAjami | المطبخ العجميGreat Synagogue of Aleppo | كنيس حلب الكبيرSharaf Mosque | جامع شرفGhazala house | بيت غزالةWakil house | بيت وكيلJudayda Churches | كنائس حي الجديدةBaron Hotel | فندق بارونGreat Umayyad Mosque | الجامع الأموي الكبيرal-Tunbugha an-Nasiri Mosque | جامع التونبغا الناصريar-Rumi Mosque | جامع الروميKhanqah al-Farafira | خانقاه الفرافرةal-Mashatiyya Mosque | جامع المشاطيّةTakiyya al-Mawlawiyya | التكيّة المولويةMihmandar Mosque and the Courthouse | جامع المهمندار والمحكمة الشرعيةWaqf Raqban | وقف الرَّقْبَانMadrasa al-Hallawiyya | المدرسة الحلويةAl-Khusrawiyya Mosque | جامع الخسرويةWaqf Ibshir Mustafa Pasha | وقف ابشير باشاBab al-Faraj Clock Tower | برج ساعة باب الفرجTraditional Houses East of the Old City | البيوت التقليدية شرق المدينة القديمةMaronite Archdiocese | قلاية الموارنةArticle | المقالةDamage Report | تقرير الضررResearch | بحثVideo | فيديوMulti Content | محتوى متنوعAleppo Archive in Exile- Plan of the Old City of Aleppo3D-MODEL OF THE ALEPPO BAZAAR

al-Utrush Mosque | جامع الأطروش

Jamiʿ al-Utrush, general view of the western facade and the entrance

as-Sultaniyya Mosque | جامع السلطانية


al-Mawazini Mosque | جامع الموازيني


Madrasat al-Firdaws | مدرسة الفردوس

Madrasat al-Firdaws, general view of the courtyard and the arcades

Khan al-Jumruk | خان الجمرك

Khan al-Jumruk, doorway

Madrasat al-Muqaddamiyya | المدرسة المقدمية

Al-Madrasa al-Muqaddamiyya, courtyard

Tower north of Bab Antakiya | برج شمال باب أنطاكية

Previous state, main façade of the fortified tower north of Bab Antakiya, Aleppo, Syria

Suwayqat Ali Area | منطقة سويقة علي


Post-Conflict Documentation of a Historic Neighborhood

(Suwayqat Ali Area – Old City of Aleppo)

توثيق حي تاريخي بعد الصراع المسلح

(منطقة سويقة علي – مدينة حلب القديمة)

al-Matbakh al-ʿAjami | المطبخ العجمي

Al-Matbakh al-ʿAjami, muqarnas squinches of the iwan dome

Great Synagogue of Aleppo | كنيس حلب الكبير


Baron Hotel | فندق بارون


Great Umayyad Mosque | الجامع الأموي الكبير


al-Tunbugha an-Nasiri Mosque | جامع التونبغا الناصري


ar-Rumi Mosque | جامع الرومي

Jamiʿ ar-Rumi, general view from the minaret

Khanqah al-Farafira | خانقاه الفرافرة


al-Mashatiyya Mosque | جامع المشاطيّة


Takiyya al-Mawlawiyya | التكيّة المولوية

At-Takiyya al-Mawlawiyya, western facade - al-Midan

Mihmandar Mosque and the Courthouse | جامع المهمندار والمحكمة الشرعية

al-Mihmandar Mosque, general view from south-east

Waqf Raqban | وقف الرَّقْبَان


Madrasa al-Hallawiyya | المدرسة الحلوية


Al-Khusrawiyya Mosque | جامع الخسروية


Waqf Ibshir Mustafa Pasha | وقف ابشير باشا


Bab al-Faraj Clock Tower | برج ساعة باب الفرج


Traditional Houses East of the Old City | البيوت التقليدية شرق المدينة القديمة


Maronite Archdiocese | قلاية الموارنة


Article | المقالة

Damage Report | تقرير الضرر

Research | بحث

Video | فيديو

Multi Content | محتوى متنوع

Aleppo Archive in Exile- Plan of the Old City of Aleppo


The Plan of the Old City of Aleppo at hand with 16,000 parcels and around 400 ground floor plans, was the result of a close cooperation between BTU, Association of Friends of the Old City of Aleppo and University of Bari based on extensive and long standing academic and practical experience of each institute on the Old City of Aleppo. Finally, the project was carried out within the Archaeological Heritage Network for the preservation of cultural heritage and through a cooperative partnership with the Syrian Heritage Archive Project at the Museum of Islamic Arts in Berlin.



The project “3D-model of the Aleppo bazaar” is part of the initiative “Zero Hour – A Future after the Crisis”. The data research and the development of the 3D-model were carried out in two work groups, which worked in close coordination in two different locations. The research and the preparation of the building information were carried out in Berlin at the department of architecture of the German Archaeological Institute. The actual virtual model was constructed at the faculty of architecture at the Regensburg University for Applied Sciences (OTH), as part of the master programme historic building research.



  • Catalogue of Damages – Architectural Heritage: Guidelines | Catalogue
  • Guideline Integrated Building Documentation: Guidelines
  • Rubble/Debris Management General Guidelines: Guidelines
  • Timeline of Selected Historical Building Facades in Aleppo: Research
  • People of the Archive: Video
  • Aleppo – a Global Space in a Local Place: Article

Place-related Content


  • Suwayqat Ali Area – Post Conflict Documentation of a Historic Neighborhood: E-book



  • The Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus–Senftenberg: 

         Aleppo Archive in Exile- Plan of the Old City of Aleppo

  • The German Archaeological Institute (DAI) & the faculty of architecture at the Regensburg University for Applied Sciences (OTH)

        3D-model of the Aleppo bazaar