by Elisabeth Korinth

The art of the ‘Ajami craft is based on complex processes in which colours and other materials are applied layer by layer to the wooden panels. The artists play with matt and shiny surfaces, raised motifs and shades to bring the work of art to life, while keeping a steady hand. In order to professionalize the ‘Ajami craft, a budding artist must learn the craft with its individual steps from A to Z. The making of an ‘Ajami decoration can be divided into different work processes, although the technique and materials used have changed over time. Restorator Dr. Anke Scharrahs was able to document a large part of the traditional working processes on the basis of her decades of researching historical decorated wooden panels from Syria. The Interactive Heritage Map of Syria project complemented this knowledge by documenting the knowledge of Syrian craftsmen and craftswomen working with this craft today.

Click through the picture gallery to get to know the individual working processes of ‘Ajami from A to Z: