The Citadel of Aleppo, on the left the minaret of its Great Mosque (Maqam Ibrahim) – view from the west, in the foreground is the minaret of the Jamiʿ Sayf ad-Dawla

Minarets of the Old City of Aleppo

On the Genocide Memorial Day: at a stop on the pilgrimage, Armenian priests throw wreaths into the Euphrates to commemorate the victims of the genocide of 1915-17 who died in this very river

Places of Remembrance for the Armenian Genocide

View over the roof of the south-western Madrasat Ismaʿil Basha al-ʿAzm to the Umayyad Mosque with its high transept of the prayer hall with a central dome and its three minarets

Tall Columns and Massive Pillars – the Great Umayyad Mosques of Damascus and Aleppo

Historic Cable-Stayed Bridge of Dayr az-Zawr

Historic Cable-Stayed Bridge of Dayr az-Zawr

General view al-Bara ruins

Destruction and Vandalism in the Ancient Villages of Northern Syria: Al-Husn Church, al-Bara

Three houses of the type 'one-and-a-half-panels' with the half panel to the western side of the house (near the Euphrates-valley)

One and a Half Panels – My Grandfather’s House in the Euphrates Valley

Machicolations on the wall of Damascus Citadel

The Citadel of Damascus – Protector of the City and Witness of Its History

Hammam Bahram Basha, the dome of the inner part (juwwani)

The Public Hammam – an Ancient Syrian Tradition

Bayt Wakil (Aleppo-Room Berlin), details of the painted wooden panel

A House in the Sisi Alley – a Panorama with Signs and Changes

View to the south from the battlements of the citadel to the city in 1916

The Khusrawiyya Complex

The general structure of the example dome house in Taanayel (Libanon) before the end of the construction process

Dome Houses in Syria – Revival of a Thousand Years Old Architectural Tradition

The Hanania Church - The House of Hanania and the Beginning of Christianity in Syria

The Hanania Church – The House of Hanania and the Beginning of Christianity in Syria

A group of domed houses in the village of Shaykh Hilal

The Village of Shaykh Hilal – Architectural Heritage in the Syrian Steppe (al-Badiya)

Hama, general view of the "Four Norias", the two Bischriyyat and two Uthmaniyyat

Water Wheels of the Orontes in Syria

Soap of Aleppo: fresh soap to dry

The Classic Soap of Aleppo and Its Production

Jamiʿ al-Utrush, tomb - interior view of the dome damages

Aleppo – a Global Space in a Local Place