In this series we display personal stories of places (historical monuments) in Aleppo city, told by people who had a special bond with the place. The aim of this series is to highlight the intangible aspect of heritage places in Aleppo, and to communicate the inclusion of memory in reimagining and rebuilding a place through its people. 

These contributions are part of the joint efforts of the Interactive Heritage Map of Syria Project along with the Aleppo Heritage Catalogue Project, which seeks to document the history and architecture of historical monuments in the city of Aleppo.

Explore here with us a personal view on the history of Aleppo. 

Memories From Aleppo Memories From Aleppo

Bab al-Faraj clock

Ahmad Anis
October 2019

Between the year 1993 and 1994, when I was in fifth grade, I would pass by Bab Al-Faraj clock-tower every time I head to al-Jadida quarter to visit my uncle, Adnan Faris, who usedRead More

Memories From AleppoMemories From Aleppo

Al-Zawiya al-Hilaliyya

Ruba Rostum
August 2019

I am fond of Aleppo, not only of the city’s historical monuments, but also of its social and human heritage. As such, I got to know al-Zawiyya al-Hillaliyya as a place that has beenRead More

Memories From Aleppo

Aleppo Citadel

October 2019

I lived in the al-Jazira region (north-east Syria) when I was young. For the summer holidays I used to go to Aleppo in which our visit would always start around the citadel. Not knowingRead More

Memories From Aleppo

Al-Bahramiyya Mosque

Sami Bahrami
August 2019

I got to know al-Bahramiyya mosque at the age of twenty when my uncle Radwan Bahrami took me there, not knowing at the time that my great grandfather was the one who built it!Read More

Memories From Aleppo

Khan Al-Wazir

Paul Megarbane’
September 2019

My father had an office and a factory in Khan al-Wazir, where I used to accompany him to as a child. On our daily walk to work, we would always go to Bab al-Faraj post office toRead More

Memories From Aleppo

Al-Adiliyya Mosque

Omar Abd Alwahhab Katta
July 2019

I have known al-Adiliyya mosque for more than 45 to 50 years now, as my father used to take me with him since I was 4 – 5 years old. That is why I have a strong and long historyRead More

Published by Dima Dayoub

Architect and urban researcher from Syria. working for Syrian Heritage Archive Project in 2018-2019

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