Machicolations on the wall of Damascus Citadel

The Citadel of Damascus – Protector of the City and Witness of Its History

Hammam Bahram Basha, the dome of the inner part (juwwani)

The Public Hammam – an Ancient Syrian Tradition

Bayt Wakil (Aleppo-Room Berlin), details of the painted wooden panel

A House in the Sisi Alley – a Panorama with Signs and Changes

View to the south from the battlements of the citadel to the city in 1916

The Khusrawiyya Complex

The general structure of the example dome house in Taanayel (Libanon) before the end of the construction process

Dome Houses in Syria – Revival of a Thousand Years Old Architectural Tradition

A group of domed houses in the village of Shaykh Hilal

The Village of Shaykh Hilal – Architectural Heritage in the Syrian Steppe (al-Badiya)

Jamiʿ al-Utrush, tomb - interior view of the dome damages

Aleppo – a Global Space in a Local Place