Part of a calligraphy with ‘Ajami decoration in the Damascus Room in the Dresden Museum for Ethnology

Secrets of the Old Master Artisans

Application of the relief paste of a ‘Ajami decoration

The Soul of ‘Ajami: Interview with Ziad Baydoun

ʿAjami in Aleppo: A Tale of Traveling Motifs

ʿAjami in Aleppo: A Tale of Traveling Motifs

Bayt Ghazala, courtyard - northern facade

Beit Ghazaleh: The House of My Great Grandparents

Machicolations on the wall of Damascus Citadel

The Citadel of Damascus – Protector of the City and Witness of Its History

Bayt Wakil (Aleppo-Room Berlin), details of the painted wooden panel

A House in the Sisi Alley – a Panorama with Signs and Changes

The general structure of the example dome house in Taanayel (Libanon) before the end of the construction process

Dome Houses in Syria – Revival of a Thousand Years Old Architectural Tradition

A group of domed houses in the village of Shaykh Hilal

The Village of Shaykh Hilal – Architectural Heritage in the Syrian Steppe (al-Badiya)

Hama, general view of the "Four Norias", the two Bischriyyat and two Uthmaniyyat

Water Wheels of the Orontes in Syria

Soap of Aleppo: fresh soap to dry

The Classic Soap of Aleppo and Its Production

Jamiʿ al-Utrush, tomb - interior view of the dome damages

Aleppo – a Global Space in a Local Place