Protected: Silk fabric and social ties in Syria

  1. Protected: Silk fabric and social ties in Syria
  2. A Family of Damascene Silk Manufacturer
  3. Eine Damaszener Seidenherstellerfamilie
  4. صناعة الحرير بأيد عائلة دمشقية
  5. The Art of Syrian Textile Production
  6. A Felt Carpet from al-Bab
  7. The Threads of Life: Syrian Textile Ornamentation
  8. Hidden Figures: The Women Behind the Beautiful Craft of Aghabani
  9. The Ink that Lasts Forever: Textile Printing in Syria
  10. From Animals and Plants: Textile Raw Materials
  11. A Peek into Syria’s Sericulture World
  12. Insights into Syria’s Centuries-Old Silk Craft
  13. What Remains of the Silk Road?
  14. People of the Desert: Bedouin Clothing
  15. Carpets from Raqqa: A Memory
  16. Traditional Textiles: An Endangered Tradition
  17. Unforgotten: The Fragrance of Memories

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Published by Hiba Bizreh

Archaeologist and urban researcher from Syria. Working for Syrian Heritage Archive since 2018