1. Seidenstoff und soziale Bindung in Syrien
  2. Silk Fabric and Social Ties in Syria
  3. Syrien, eine historische Textilgeschichte
  4. الأقمشة الحريرية والروابط الاجتماعية في سوريا
  5. تاريخ النسيج في سوريا
  6. Syria, a Textile History
  7. Eine Damaszener Seidenherstellerfamilie
  8. صناعة الحرير بأيد عائلة دمشقية
  9. A Family of Damascene Silk Manufacturer
  10. The Art of Syrian Textile Production
  11. A Felt Carpet from al-Bab
  12. The Threads of Life: Syrian Textile Ornamentation
  13. Hidden Figures: The Women behind the Beautiful Craft of Aghabani
  14. The Ink That Lasts Forever: Textile Printing in Syria
  15. From Animals and Plants: Textile Raw Materials
  16. A Peek into Syria’s Sericulture World
  17. Insights into Syria’s Centuries-Old Silk Craft
  18. What Remains of the Silk Road?
  19. People of the Desert: Bedouin Clothing
  20. Carpets from Raqqa: A Memory
  21. Traditional Textiles: An Endangered Tradition
  22. Unforgotten: The Fragrance of Memories

by Estibaliz Sienra Iracheta

The ornamentation of textiles relates to their outward appearance, while simultaneously symbolizing their inward significance. They cover a wide range of human needs, further conveying meanings related to family and community ties, class and economic status, leisure and play, spirituality and religious faith, among others. The decoration of textiles is frequently used to express meanings, messages and aesthetics, demonstrating a myriad of skills that tangibly communicate the creativity of Syrian textile producers.  

The Threads of Life: Syrian Textile Ornamentation


The Threads of Life: Syrian Textile Ornamentation


The Threads of Life: Syrian Textile Ornamentation

Dyeing Textiles

The Threads of Life: Syrian Textile Ornamentation

Textile Printing

Estibaliz Sienra Iracheta is a Doctorate candidate in World Heritage Studies at Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus, and is a promoter and expert in traditional textiles. Estibaliz previously worked in the Ruth D. Lechuga Folk Art Collection of the Franz Mayer Museum and as a teacher at the Textile Restoration Workshop of the National School for Conservation, Restoration and Museography of the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico.

Published by Syrian Heritage Archive Project

Joint project for the digitisation of Syrian cultural heritage from Germany (Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin and German Archaeological Institute) in the period 2013-2019

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  1. Thank you for preserving the rich textile history of Syria through your research. Are you available to discuss further areas of study?

  2. Lovely and beautifully presented. I am a collector of Syrian traditional costumes and textiles and looking for a home for my collection. My YouTube videos on all things Syrian Textiles who reference my research and textile trivia informs the collection and handed down 1932 collection of my Syrian grandmother’s trousseau mosaic furniture and hammam textiles. I would be so thrilled to work with you if you are interested.

  3. Hello,

    I have several Syrian vintage textile and embroidery for sale, if you are interested in please let me know.

    Best regards

    Ahmad kurdi

    1. Thank you Ahmad for your kind offer, but we are a research project and our work does not involve any commercial activities.

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